Friday, September 2, 2011

Smore's Pops

Smore's Pops

These are so easy and very yummy too!! I heard a friend talk about making these and I had to try!!

All you need is:

  • Lollipop sticks, that you can get at any craft or hobby store

  • 1 bag of large Marshmallows

  • Chocolate, I used Chocolate Coating that comes in cubes, but I am sure you can use any kind you want.

  • Graham Crackers.
Start by putting all your marshmallows on the ends of the sticks.

Then smash your Graham crackers as fine or chunky as you want.

Next melt your chocolate. I microwave my chocolate at 30 second intervals at 60% power. Stirring at each interval. Do not over heat chocolate or it will get clumpy.

When chocolate is melted dip the marshmallows completely in the chocolate and then roll around in the Graham crackers. I just rested them on their tops.

When they have cooled, enjoy!!

This is a great activity for kids!!

Variations: Use the really big Marshmallows you find at Walmart and stick them on the big Pretzel Rods. Then dip in chocolate and Graham Crackers.

You can do pretty much any variation you like, just use your imagination and have fun!!